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Why The Branded Brewery: Our Mission Statement

What is The Branded Brewery and what can we do to help craft brewers, craft distilleries, restaurants, and bars alike? With the craft brewery industry on the rise, we’ve noticed an apparent lack of resources that are tailored for craft beer merchandising opportunities. With promotional products being a crucial marketing tool, The Branded Brewery understands that businesses should have easy access to high-end products and we aim to provide that service.

The power of promotional products and proper branding reaches far and wide.

The Branded Brewery recognizes the necessity of a good marketing strategy and is dedicated to being the one-stop-shop where breweries can get everything necessary for brand promotion. It is a proven fact that branded merch is one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to grow your brand through awareness. Harnessing a background in 15 years of promotional products, understanding of imprinting, and reproduction process, The Branded Brewery takes a “hands on” approach on concierge service that is all about quality, customer service and competitive pricing.

The Branded Brewery provides your brand with access to hundreds of curated products from trusted vendors.

We are on top of the latest trends of promotional products and are always updating our selection to ensure that your company can find the perfect fit for your brand. If you don't see what you are looking for, give us a call and we can help.

The Branded Brewery is your single source for branded swag tailored to the Craft Brewery, Bar, Distillery, and Restaurant marketplace. Need assistance? We are here to help. To inquire about the products and services found on our website, please contact us by phone or e-mail, and we'll gladly assist you.

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15 Statistics About Promotional Products Your Business Should Know

If your business is looking for the most powerful and cost effective forms of marketing, look no further than promotional products. Promotional giveaways have proven to be a favorite brand-marketing tool for small and large businesses alike, across all industries. We’ve collected a few handy statistics your business should be aware of when adding promotional products to your marketing toolbox.

Did you know:
  1. More than half of U.S. consumers across all ages reported owning a branded t-shirt.
  2. In the U.S. bags are king when it comes to promotional products generating more than 5,700 impressions in their lifetime.
  3. Half of consumers who own branded drinkware reported using the product 2-3 times a week or more.
  4. Outerwear, drinkware, and performance wear are rated top 5 most influential products according to advertisers.
  5. Outerwear, like sweatshirts and jackets, were ranked most influential from ages 18-44.
  6. Glassware has the staying power of about 8 months.
  7. 63% of consumers reported to pass their promotional product along to another after they were finished using them.
  8. A product’s usefulness was ranked the most important factor to why consumers kept their promotional products.
  9. When asked which form of advertising consumers liked best, those under the age of 55 reported that they by far preferred promotional products.
  10. Consumers are nearly 2.5 x times more likely to form a positive opinion of promotional giveaways compared to advertising over the Internet.
  11. Promotional products are the most cost effective form of advertising.
  12. The promotional product industry generates $18.5 billion in annual revenues and employs more than 500,000 Americans.
  13. While consumers could only recall a mere 7% of commercial or television advertisers, 83% of consumers could remember the brand from a promotional product.
  14. After receiving a promotional product, 85% of consumers do business with the advertiser.
  15. Consumers in the northeast coast favored outerwear most out of other promotional products.

Need help choosing the right promotional product for your brand? We are here to help. Contact the Branded Brewery about the products and services found on our website, please contact us by phone or e-mail, and we'll gladly assist you.

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What to Consider When Choosing Craft Beer Promotional Products

Elevating your brand by choosing the right promotional product:

With the number of breweries (5,301 to be specific) in the United States steadily growing every day, it is in every one of those businesses best interests to look for new ways to distinguish themselves from the pack. Establishing a strong brand presence and generating awareness should be the ambition of every business. So, what is the best way to do so?

Promotional products prove themselves time and time again to be a highly effective means of marketing. Costing less money but gaining more impressions then other forms of advertising, promotional giveaways appeal to the masses and generate interest. Research proves the power of promotional products showing that 88% of people recall the brand and company on their promotional item and that 85% of people decided to do business with the advertiser because of the item received1.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing a product to give away to your clients and customers. One must consider a lot of different factors such as cost, impressions, gender and age of the customer, the event the item will be given away at, functionality, and any current trends in the market.

Here are few things your business needs to think about when deciding on a marketing strategy and selecting promotional products for your craft beverage company.

What Gives You The Best Bang For Your Buck?

Not all promotional products are created equal; some gain a more positive response than others. One of the first factors to think about is how many impressions will an item bring. An impression is defined as the point in which a visitor views an ad (and in the your case, branded swag) once. You want an item to reach the most amounts of eyes for the lowest price possible. For example, according to ASI, branded caps/headwear will gain about 1,078 impressions in a month. With that amount of brand recognition in a month with one hat, imagine how much brand recognition you can get with 500 hats at a beer festival. And since you can buy certain promotional products for a relatively low price, it’s a small investment for a lot of pay-off.

Plan for Longevity/Make It Useful

You want to choose promotional products that are useful and helpful to your prospect, like tote bags, shirts, or glassware. An item — no matter how cute, new, or trendy — will be thrown away or left untouched in a drawer if it is not useful. The more practical and better quality an item is, the more likely to pass along their free merch when they are finished as opposed to throwing it out. According to ASI, one third of people will throw an item away but two thirds will pass the item along to another. When surveyed as to what factors make a free product most desirable to the receiver, 69% of recipients valued “usefulness” of an item the most important influence5.


Promotional products must make sense for the target audience. Variables like age, gender, and even ethnicity can affect how an item is received. For example while 25% of U.S. consumers own logoed glassware, it is customers in the Pacific and the West that are most likely to do business the advertiser on their drinkware3. Women are much more likely to own branded bags while you’re more likely to see men sporting a branded T Shirt4. Age matters too; those over the age of 45 are more likely to own more promotional products, period but you’ll have more luck handing out drink ware4.

Promote Around Events

What greater joy in life is there than receiving free things at an event or festival? Nothing! That’s why breweries tend to ramp up their promotional product marketing efforts around special events. Beer festivals are a great opportunity for every brewery and vendor as people are eager to pick up free branded items. Merchandise like coasters, stickers, and bottle openers are all great products to try at your next event.

Your One-Stop-Shop for All Things Branded Swag

The Branded Brewery is your source for craft brewery, distillery, bar & restaurant promotional product needs. We provide a vast catalog of high quality items to choose from and satisfy whatever promotional product desires you may have. Browse our catalog and get a quote from us for the lowest price.

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How to Market Your Craft Brewery on a Tight Budget

When certain trends are on the rise there is always a chance for market saturation to occur. Luckily for the craft beer industry, though this trend is in full force, there is still room for newcomers. The appeal of craft beer has blown up across the nation and the amount of breweries opening across the U.S. is at a steady incline. After all, 75% of Americans now live with 10 miles of a brewery1. The popularity of craft beer and local breweries comes with a negative side. In the early days, new breweries could count on standing out simply by being new, edgy, or local. Now that craft breweries are a staple of every main street, these businesses are going to have to rely on other marketing tactics to stand out in the crowd.

New breweries, and even businesses that have been around for awhile, have to think outside of the box when it comes to the best, most efficient and cost effective way to create brand awareness, attract new customers, and keep the business they have already generated.

No matter what business you’re in, there a various aspects of marketing one has to keep in mind, especially if you don’t have an enormous budget to rely on. Here are some things to think about when marketing your craft brewery on a small budget.

Establish Who You’re Marketing To And How To Speak To Them

It is very important to establish early in the marketing process what message your brand is trying to communicate, who you are trying to communicate this to, and how you are going to communicate this message. Finding a target market before doing anything else is a handy way to help yourself further down the line.

According to the Dogfish Head microbrewery they found that the typical craft beer consumer has an average household income of $60,000, a bachelor’s degree or higher, enjoys outdoor activities, and is employed in a professional career3. They also broke it down by age; it was established that Millennials make up 32.9% of the craft beer demographic, Generation X represents 23.9%, and the baby boomer generation makes up 34.6% based on craft beer volume purchased3.

While this may be creepily specific, it’s helpful when trying to establish your target market. From this point you can start crafting “customer personas” (which are fictionalized archetypes of your target customer, created from research, surveys and other insights). A persona combines demographics and psychographics in order to explain who your target audience is, what they do, why they do it, and what they are looking for5. Use the persona to keep your marketing material on track. Personas will help to understand and create marketing material for current customers, and, if done correctly, should also help you convert prospective customers5.

Making Your Customers Your Brand Ambassadors

Word-of-mouth advertising is the best way to boost your brand. Leverage the marketing potential of promotional products and make your customers your brand ambassadors; every time they are seen with an object or article of clothing with your logo on it, you’re increasing brand recognition. Essentially, your customers should be your walking billboards and making even a small investment in purchasing promotional products to giveaway can pay off in the long run. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), one cap will receive 3,136 impressions in its lifetime6. If 3,000 people see that one hat, imagine how much brand recognition you can get with 500 hats at a beer festival. Your company expands its presence in just a matter of minutes. It’s a small investment for a lot of pay-off.

Not sure which promotional product is the best giveaway for your company? Call (212) –679 –1212 or contact The Branded Brewery here for all of your promotional merch needs.

Digital Marketing

Marketing in the modern age is in large part all about your Internet presence. Companies that have a presence on social media are seen as more credible in the eyes of potential customers. Tools such as blogging and social media also allow a company to tell their story and very low cost. With so many social media outlet options (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), companies can find the perfect platform that works best for their brand and customer base. Having a presence on social media truly allows you to interact with your customers.

Embracing Community / Events

One of the amazing things about the craft brewing industry is the sense of community that is often found from business to business. Whether it’s planning themed nights in your own taproom or bringing your brand to a beer festival, leveraging the social aspect of the business is crucial to marketing your brand. Draw your customers in with a trivia night or karaoke event. Making your customers feel welcome and establishing your business, as a place to enjoy oneself is a great way to boost your brand popularity. From there, you can combine the other aspects of marketing we’ve covered in this article (digital marketing, customer personas, and promotional products) to maximize marketing potential.

Even when funds are tight, businesses can rely on simple and cost effective marketing plans; you don’t need a gigantic budget to gain brand recognition. There are ways to market from social media, to online content, to community events that can boost your brand visibility if done the right way and with the right passion.

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Your Guide To Promotional T-Shirt Fabric

Mirror, mirror on the wall; what’s the best t-shirt style of them all?

T-shirts are a great item to go with when it comes to promotional products. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), one shirt will yield 2,450 impressions in its lifetime5; that’s a lot of eyes your brand can come across. Imagine the impact that ordering a few hundred t-shirts could have on your company's visibility.

With t-shirt purchasing comes the nitty-gritty details that a lot of people don’t know much about; fabric style, for example. It can be hard to know the difference between cotton-blend and polyester and even harder to know which style is best for your specific needs.

There are many t-shirt options, so before placing your next order let’s cover a few common promotional t-shirt styles.

100% Cotton Shirt

If this style of shirt were a music genre, it would be listed under the “Classics”. It is one of the most commonly produced shirts on the market and one of the most dependable, and well known of the fabrics2. Both durable and comfortable, a cotton shirt can be woven into different styles. The cotton t-shirt is ideal for giveaway, tradeshows, and festivals/events or any other place where you’d need to supply a large number of free swag. It’s very cost effective and would be the best choice if you are looking to get the most out of your money.

The 50/50 Shirt

For those not fully committed to 100% cotton will be happy to know that another popular style option is the polyester, cotton blend. Polyester is best for wicking away moisture in the case of high-level activity while cotton adds comfort and a soft feel. Another added benefit to the 50/50 shirt is that it won’t have any significant signs of shrinking after getting tossed in the washing machine. It’s a popular style for promotional swag for it’s light, relaxed feel and slightly more stylish look and will certainly appeal to your consumer base.

The Eco-Friendly Shirt

The state of the environment is always a pressing issue and is very important to many people, especially the younger generations. With 90% of surveyors in a 2015 survey stating they do their best to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle, this desire to live a green life crosses over into the world of promotional products. The popularity of recycled promotional giveaways, including t-shirts, is rising and according to the Advertising Specialties Institute, 42% of people had a more favorable opinion of an advertiser if the promotional product they received was environmentally friendly6. This is why the eco-friendly shirt may be a good option for the environmentally conscious consumer base. Made from a variety of recycled fabrics and materials, this style goes a long way to impress your more selective customers.

The Performance Shirt

Would you say your customers are more active? Then the performance shirt may be the best option for you. Made of 100% polyester these shirts, as mentioned earlier, are great at drying away moisture and sweat. With an added bonus of tending to stay wrinkle free, these shirts are great for high-energy customers or for sweat-inducing events2.


Rig-spun shirts are made from cotton but the process for creating these shirts is different than regular cotton. Ring-spun cotton is fashioned by continuously twisting and thinning cotton strands, making a very fine rope of cotton fibers3. This results in a stronger yarn with a softer feel. They are more durable and last longer than their regular counterparts, in turn making the product a more expensive option. This could prove to be a very generous giveaway for a company with a littler more money to spare.

If you have additional questions about what t-shirt or other apparel items will be best for your brand, contact The Branded Brewery.

The Branded Brewery is your single source for branded swag tailored to the craft brewery, distillery, bar, and restaurant space. We have hand-selected the best products that will help elevate your brand to new heights.



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