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What to Consider When Choosing Craft Beer Promotional Products

Elevating your brand by choosing the right promotional product:

With the number of breweries (5,301 to be specific) in the United States steadily growing every day, it is in every one of those businesses best interests to look for new ways to distinguish themselves from the pack. Establishing a strong brand presence and generating awareness should be the ambition of every business. So, what is the best way to do so?

Promotional products prove themselves time and time again to be a highly effective means of marketing. Costing less money but gaining more impressions then other forms of advertising, promotional giveaways appeal to the masses and generate interest. Research proves the power of promotional products showing that 88% of people recall the brand and company on their promotional item and that 85% of people decided to do business with the advertiser because of the item received1.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing a product to give away to your clients and customers. One must consider a lot of different factors such as cost, impressions, gender and age of the customer, the event the item will be given away at, functionality, and any current trends in the market.

Here are few things your business needs to think about when deciding on a marketing strategy and selecting promotional products for your craft beverage company.

What Gives You The Best Bang For Your Buck?

Not all promotional products are created equal; some gain a more positive response than others. One of the first factors to think about is how many impressions will an item bring. An impression is defined as the point in which a visitor views an ad (and in the your case, branded swag) once. You want an item to reach the most amounts of eyes for the lowest price possible. For example, according to ASI, branded caps/headwear will gain about 1,078 impressions in a month. With that amount of brand recognition in a month with one hat, imagine how much brand recognition you can get with 500 hats at a beer festival. And since you can buy certain promotional products for a relatively low price, it’s a small investment for a lot of pay-off.

Plan for Longevity/Make It Useful

You want to choose promotional products that are useful and helpful to your prospect, like tote bags, shirts, or glassware. An item — no matter how cute, new, or trendy — will be thrown away or left untouched in a drawer if it is not useful. The more practical and better quality an item is, the more likely to pass along their free merch when they are finished as opposed to throwing it out. According to ASI, one third of people will throw an item away but two thirds will pass the item along to another. When surveyed as to what factors make a free product most desirable to the receiver, 69% of recipients valued “usefulness” of an item the most important influence5.


Promotional products must make sense for the target audience. Variables like age, gender, and even ethnicity can affect how an item is received. For example while 25% of U.S. consumers own logoed glassware, it is customers in the Pacific and the West that are most likely to do business the advertiser on their drinkware3. Women are much more likely to own branded bags while you’re more likely to see men sporting a branded T Shirt4. Age matters too; those over the age of 45 are more likely to own more promotional products, period but you’ll have more luck handing out drink ware4.

Promote Around Events

What greater joy in life is there than receiving free things at an event or festival? Nothing! That’s why breweries tend to ramp up their promotional product marketing efforts around special events. Beer festivals are a great opportunity for every brewery and vendor as people are eager to pick up free branded items. Merchandise like coasters, stickers, and bottle openers are all great products to try at your next event.

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